APOGEE KM Dwarf Catalog
My collaborators and I put together a sample of nearly 4000 late-K and early-M dwarfs that have stellar parameters in the SDSS ASPCAP catalog. For convenience, I've put a fits table of the APOGEE KM catalog available in a Github repository.

BOSS Ultracool Dwarf Catalog
In the BUD project, we are characterizing a sample of over 13000 ultracool dwarfs with SDSS spectroscopy and SDSS-2MASS-WISE photometry. The fits table of the BUD catalog is in a Github repository for easy access, and should also be available as a download with the published article.

SDSS L dwarf Templates

As described by Schmidt et al. (2014), these optical spectroscopic templates of L0-L8 dwarfs are appropriate as spectral type and radial velocity standards. The templates can be found either on Github or on Suzanne Hawley's webpage.

Anything else?
Please contact me if you would like to access to additional data or catalogs!