My research typically focuses on the coolest stars and warmest brown dwarfs (a category of objects called "ultracool dwarfs"). I'm interested in just about everything about these objects: How old are they? What are they made of? How many are there? What sorts of molecules and dust for on their surfaces? And lately, I've been most focused on figuring out the properties of the magnetic fields that thread through their atmospheres. Are they more like the magnetic field of the Sun, or of Jupiter?

One of the keys to figuring out the mysteries of magnetic fields is through the time-domain: in other words, taking multiple observations of the light that best traces magnetic activity to see how it changes over time. Sometimes this is in the form of dramatic flares, but more often the largest changes are due to stellar rotation moving magnetically active regions in and out of our view. 

I'm hoping to continually update this page with more information about my current and past projects, but in the meantime you can check out these videos of me explaining two of my favorite papers: 

First, A Giant Flare from a Little Star


And next, the first paper about the BOSS Ultracool Dwarfs sample