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Selected Refereed:
Schmidt, Sarah J.; Hawley, Suzanne L.; West, Andrew A.; Bochanski, John J.; Davenport, James R. A.; Ge, Jian; Schneider, Donald P.; BOSS Ultracool Dwarfs I: Colors and Magnetic Activity of M and L dwarfs, 2015, AJ 149 58 (ADS; Astro Coffee Briefcatalog)

Gunning, Heather C.; Schmidt, Sarah J.; Davenport, James R. A.; Dhital, Saurav; West, Andrew A.; Hawley, Suzanne L., Hα Emission From Active Equal-mass, Wide M Dwarf Binaries, 2014, PASP 126 1081 (ADS)

Bardalez Gagliuffi, Daniella C.; Burgasser, Adam J.; Gelino, Christopher R.; Looper, Dagny L.; Nicholls, Christine P.; Schmidt, Sarah J.; Cruz, Kelle; West, Andrew A.; Gizis, John E.; Metchev, Stanimir, SpeX Spectroscopy of Unresolved Very Low Mass Binaries. II. Identification of Fourteen Candidate Binaries with Late-M/Early-L and T Dwarf Components, 2014, ApJ 794 143 (ADS)

Schmidt, Sarah J.; Prieto, Jose L.; Stanek, K. Z.; Shappee, Benjamin J.; et al.; Characterizing a Dramatic ΔV~9 Magnitude Flare on an Ultracool Dwarf Found in the ASAS-AN Survey, 2014, ApJL 781 24 (ADS; Astro Coffee Brief)

Davenport, James R. A.; Becker, Andrew C.; Kowalski, Adam F.; Hawley, Suzanne L.; Schmidt, Sarah J.; Hilton, Eric J.; Sesar, Branimir; Cutri, Roc, Multi-Wavelength Characterization of Stellar Flares on Low-Mass Stars Using SDSS and 2MASS Time Domain Surveys, 2012, ApJ 748 58 (ADS)

Schmidt, Sarah J.; West, Andrew A.; Burgasser, Adam J.; Bochanski, John J.; Hawley, Suzanne L., Discovery of An Unusually Blue L Dwarf Within 10 pc of the Sun, 2010, AJ 139 1045 (ADS)

Selected Non-Refereed:
Schmidt, Sarah J., Examining the Age/Activity Relationship of Ultracool Dwarfs with GAIA, 2014, GAIA and the Unseen: The Brown Dwarf Question, eds. Ricky Smart, David Barrado, Jackie Faherty; ArXiv 1405.6206 (ADS)

Garner, Sarah; Tremmel, Michael J.; Schmidt, Sarah J.; Wisniewski, John P.; Agol, Eric, Evaluation of a College Freshman Diversity Research Program (ADS)

LSST Science Collaborations et al. 2009, LSST Science Book, Version 2.0 (ADS)