Teaching & Outreach

As a graduate student at the University of Washington, I gained teaching experience both as a teaching assistant and an instructor. Most notably:

I served as instructor for the Pre-Major in Astronomy Program (Pre-MAP) Seminar. The Pre-MAP seminar is the core component of the Pre-MAP program, which serves to increase the number of traditionally under-represented students who choose to major in Astronomy. The seminar is designed to introduce first year undergraduates to Astronomical research and culminates in a presentation of mini-research projects. 

I was the instructor for self-created course focusing on the Solar Neighborhood. I put together a full course designed to introduce students to our corner of the universe - specifically, everything within 15pc of the Sun. In addition to labs and exercises, I asked the students to contribute to a class blog summarizing recent popular science articles. 

For four years, I was a summer teaching assistant for an advanced undergraduate course in observational astronomy. I accompanied small groups of students to University of Washington's small telescope at Manashtash Ridge Observatory and taught them to use their first telescope. 

I am most interested in outreach projects that focus on adult and all-ages education. I've given multiple public talks as part of the Astronomy on Tap project, and have been Tweep of the Week on the @sdssurveys (storify) and @astrotweeps (storify) accounts.